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Tips for Maximizing your Fuel

Below, we listed the top tips for getting the best use of every liter of fuel in your car.

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Idling Minimizes Fuel Economy

Keeping the engine running when you make a stop consumes fuel without the car moving and this is totally not a good move. Be sure that your car is consuming fuel only when it is in motion and not when it is in a state of rest at a traffic light, a drive-thru or other places where you have to wait for a considerable length of time.

Map Your Journey for Fuel Efficiency

Traffic jams consume more fuel hence it is important to plan your trip ahead of time in order to beat any traffic jam that could come up as a result of peak traffic periods (after work hours, after school hours, early in the morning, etc.) Because for every time you stop (as advised in the aforementioned section) and restart your engine, more fuel goes to waste.

Hard Braking? No-no!

Be easy on the brakes and this is not just to prevent wear and tear or for the sake of comfort; braking hard eats up more fuel. One way to avoid hard braking is to maintain a wider perspective on how traffic is currently moving on the road while you are driving. Going easy on the brakes cuts down your fuel consumption by about 35%. The same advice is applicable to the reverse: acceleration.

Avoid Speed Fluctuations

When driving, keep the speed of your car at a steady speed and avoid variations in the miles per hour you drive. A steady speed improves your fuel economy.

The PSI of Your Tires

With the right pressure in your car’s tires, your engine uses the right amount of fuel to move your car on the road. However, when your car’s tires do not have the right pressure in them, the engine needs more fuel to move your car because the tires are not properly inflated.

Carry Less

More weight in your trunk adds up to how fuel is consumed by your car so if something is not necessary, leave it be where it is and avoid stacking it in your trunk; these unnecessary objects in your trunk can add over 1% extra in fuel consumption. While 1% looks relatively small, it adds up over time.

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