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The Pros of Financing a Used Car

Many people are looking for new wheels when February rolls around. They are tired of driving the same old thing, and they want to get behind the wheel of something new. When you are ready to look for a new car, you may want to start by looking at a used car first. Not only can you get a great used car right now, but you’ll be able to save some money in the process. Here’s some information about purchasing a used car.

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Used Is Better than New in Many Cases

Of course, you’re thinking about a new car as your first choice. Everyone loves a new car smell. However, there are a lot of reasons why buying used is better than new. The most important reason why buying used is better than buying new is the price. New cars are great, but they don’t hold their value well once you drive them off the lot. Research shows that some cars lose as much as ¼ of their value after a year of ownership.

Buying used means you can get the car you love, but at a greatly reduced price. You can get a late-model used car, with all of the features you want, but not the sticker shock. In some cases, a used car will have only been driven a few thousand miles–but it is still classified as used. Not only do you get a break on the price, but most used cars keep their warranties. Your lender will give you a more favorable interest rate, and your payoff will happen faster as well.

When you’re ready to finance your next used car, you need to come by and see us. We’re located at 5511 Northern Boulevard, Woodside, New York, 11377. You can also give us a call at 718.255.1353.

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