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The Meaning of CPO

For folks who are in the market for a used car, without a doubt, one of their greatest concerns tends to be the history of the vehicle and what kind of condition it is in currently. While dealers might be able to give a used car a few touch-ups, a good wash, and waxing, and stick it out on the lot looking shiny and new, the fact is that it has been owned and driven before; leaving questions about the shape it might be in.

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But that’s why the folks here at Automania wanted to share a little bit of information about pre-owned certification and how it can help put used car buyers’ minds at ease about the vehicles they may be looking at:

The Certification Process

This is an in-depth and detailed inspection process that covers just about every system and component of the vehicle. Its condition and function are looked over thoroughly and, if necessary, parts are replaced.

The Benefits of CPO

Vehicles that have been through this process generally have a number of perks added to them such as extended warranties and roadside assistance.

The Peace of Mind of CPO

When you purchase a vehicle that has been through these checks, it reduces the worry and anxiety that comes with wondering if you bought a car or truck that is going to need constant servicing and repairs. Instead, you can rest easy knowing it has stood up to the rigorous standards of a pre-owned certification process.

To learn even more about the extensive process that certified pre-owned go through, as well as the many advantages they offer compared to regular used cars, stop in and see the knowledgeable automotive professionals here at Automania.

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