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Maintaining Your Vehicle During COVID-19

How do you care for your vehicle during a global pandemic when the world has been turned upside down and mobility is restricted? Automania shows you the how-to for different aspects of your car.

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#1-Do not let it sit idle in the garage or on the road. Ensure your car racks up mileage of 5-10 miles per week so that the battery remains active. When you do not drive your car for a long time, it loses touch and your engine experiences more friction whenever your car gets back on the road after a long period of inertia.

#2-Have your fuel tank filled so that if an emergency shows up, you are not left stranded or begging for a ride in this dark age of necessary social distancing.

#3-Clean your car on a regular basis and remove debris that might have accumulated in the cabin area, trunk, or engine area. Look for leaves, branches, and rodents too and get them out.

#4-Waxing your car is important to ensure that the painting job was done on your car either by the automotive brand or the dealership you got it from stays as new as ever. Choosing not to wax your car leads to the wearing out of the paint coating and you might end up accruing cost for something you would have easily prevented.

#5-Trickle chargers are an important maintenance tool during Covid-19, for with them, those low charges are constantly delivered to your battery to keep them in good shape for when the need arises.

#6-It is important to have your car parked in a safe place to prevent theft and damages. Before Covid-19, this was crucial. During Covid-19, it cannot be overemphasized. Park it in a safe place and keep it covered with a car cover.

Not a fan of DIY maintenance for your vehicle especially during this perilous time? Call the Automania team on (718) 255-1353 to schedule a virtual maintenance appointment.

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